GPR Rental – Should You Rent or Buy a System?

GPR Rental - is it right for you?

GPR rental can sound appealing to some professionals considering purchasing a ground penetrating radar system. This service offers a perceived lower cost and a shorter-term commitment, but it is not the solution for all users. Why? Many who use the technology benefit most from proper training, repeated use in the field, and long-term access to survey data. Often, these needs are best met by owning the technology instead of renting. 

As the leading innovator of GPR hardware and software, we know firsthand the benefits that come with owning a system. Customers from all over the world, and across many different industries, have told us about the immense return on investment their systems generate for them after receiving training and using the system in the field on a regular basis. 

Depending on your needs, renting or owning a system might make the most sense. If you have considered adding GPR to your operations, here are some of the benefits of owning a system.

Proper GPR Training 

Because rentals are, by nature, short-term transactions with specific time windows, this often does not allow enough time for the user to be properly trained on a nuanced technology like ground penetrating radar. 

Due to these time constraints, GPR rental providers may not be able to invest sufficient time in training customers on using the system for their specific needs. Beyond this, a renting organization may also not offer support to the user as they implement the system at the job site. 

Whether renting or owning a system, receiving proper GPR training is essential. That is why we offer beginner and advanced-level training sessions at our facilities. Knowing more about the technology and science behind it grants the operator the ability to survey with greater confidence and expertise and generate deliverables that make a more tangible impact. 

Practice Makes Perfect

An athlete does not turn professional after scoring a single point; much like a concert pianist does not press a single key and become Mozart. With GPR, expertise comes from using the product over an extended period of time. The more familiarity you become with the technology, the more you will know how to collect and interpret data faster and more efficiently. 

Renting a system does not always allow for repeated use. For example, what if all of the rental units are spoken for on the day(s) you need one? Can you reuse the same model twice in a timely manner? 

Our GPR systems are designed to generate ROI through repeated use. Due to the technology’s versatility, it can be used across a variety of applications and field conditions. As a natural extension to your arsenal of locating equipment, your system should be used as part of the damage prevention protocol for each project you undertake, not just a small handful of them.

Another Alternative to GPR Rental and Ownership: Hire a Service 

If you are not yet prepared to rent or own a system, a third option is hiring a third-party GPR professional. The provider, who is already trained and experienced with the technology, will conduct surveys of your jobsite on your behalf and deliver the data and insights to you. Here, you are receiving a service from a trained professional who is well-versed in scanning your local field conditions and likely familiar with utility infrastructure in the area. 

Are you interested in connecting with a GPR professional who uses US Radar products? Contact us and we will let you know if there is anyone in your area.

Own Your Data 

Whether renting a system, hiring a service provider, or purchasing a system, one of the most important factors to consider is how much control you have over your data. With a rental, the software that images and stores your data does not go with you after your rental period ends. A service provider will deliver your data to you, but they still own the means of processing and collecting it, but ownership grants the user ultimate control and responsibility. 

Take data ownership into account. Often, many US Radar customers tell us that they use their data more than once as a damage prevention reference point for future installation and maintenance projects at the same job site. Consider the purpose behind your data, and how much control you need to have over it. 

Want to transform your data further? Look into what advanced post-processing software your provider offers as well. For example, our Radar Studio post-processing solution benefits the user through repeated use by allowing you to create clearer data with additional features like GPS-integrated maps, dynamic gain adjustment, and 3D models. If these features are appealing to you, they may not be available through a rental service.

Do You Want to Own a GPR System? Let Us Help 

If you are considering adding a GPR system to your arsenal of locating equipment, we are here to help you decide the best solution for your specific needs. Contact us anytime to speak with one of our team members or fill out this survey to find the best system for you.