GPR Applications

Ground penetrating radar applications span a variety of professions. Due to the technology’s versatility, it can serve many purposes. These include archaeology, utility locating, geophysics, construction, and more.

Coupled with mapping and GPS technology, calibration techniques, and 3D imaging capabilities, our systems can suit a multitude of needs. US Radar systems are built to be customized to the user’s specific project requirements.

GPR Applications Around the World

GPR applications

GPR users implement their systems to locate and document targets beneath or behind surfaces. Whether you are scanning concrete walls, surveying soil, or something else, our GPR systems can provide a holistic imaging solution that traditional technologies cannot.

Some GPR applications in the field include locating buried utilities, conducting a structural assessment, and looking for buried artifacts, among many others.

The US Radar Advantage

US Radar has been the leading innovator of GPR technology for over 20 years. While introducing groundbreaking products and maintaining a user-focused design, our systems can be mastered by many professionals with minimal training.

GPR archaeology

Popular GPR Applications


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