Grave Location and Cemetery Mapping with GPR

GPR Grave location cemetery mapping tool

Grave location is an incredibly important method of honoring our history and preserving the past. Unfortunately, the locations of many historical grave sites and burial grounds are lost to time. When looking for unmarked graves and nonmetallic objects like wood coffins or bones, many locating tools will prove ineffective.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is the most effective grave location and cemetery mapping tool on the market. Our systems enable the user to penetrate tens-of-feet beneath the soil, identify soil disturbances, and locate buried objects. This is thanks to a dual combination of our signature triple-frequency antenna’s unrivaled signal projection and GPR’s natural ability to detect objects of all material compositions.

When locating unmarked graves, GPR can assist with the following:

  • Buried bones
  • Wooden coffins
  • Historical/ceremonial burial items
  • Voids in soil where bodies are/were buried
  • Disturbed soil where gravesite was originally dug

Use Ground Penetrating Radar to Plot Grave Sites

Because GPR is noninvasive and can integrate with GPS and mapping systems, they can be used to also plot new grave sites. The person in charge of plotting these sites can use GPR to map cemeteries with confidence, knowing that no existing grave will be disturbed.

GPR can be used to investigate old and historic cemeteries where little or no burial or plot records exist. The non-invasive imaging technology and simple deployment provides many advantages.

Use GPR for Grave Location and Cemetery Mapping Today

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