Third Party GPR Software

In addition to our own software, our data can be exported into the industry standard Seg-Y format to be processed in almost any other existing software package.

Our data files and GPS logs can be read natively by GPR-SLICE, which offers the following capabilities:

  • 2D/3D Time slices
  • 3D volume displays and renderings
  • Vector navigation
  • Complete GPS navigation integration
  • Animation creation
  • DXF file creation
  • Signal processing
  • Image processing
  • Split screen comparison options
  • Topography correction
  • Antenna tilt compensation
  • Horizon detection and mapping
  • Batch processing
  • Customizable multiple image displays
  • Easy grid connection and appending
  • Specialized grid filters
  • 4D survey processing
  • Map transform controls
  • Tunnel/cylinder warping
  • Graphic exports
  • Import, process, and synthesize: GPR, magnetometer, resistivity, and EM data
  • 3D imaging rebar GPR
  • GPR 3d imaging

Our data can also be natively opened in the Reflex family of software solutions (ReflexW, Reflex2DQuick, and Reflex3D) which offer an inexpensive alternative for processing, viewing, analyzing, plotting data, and building reports.

Contact us to discuss your specific applications, and we can help you determine if any compatible third-party solutions are the right fit for your needs.