Acquisition Software for US Radar GPR Systems

Acquisition Software for US Radar GPRover

Power Up and Start Scanning

Acquisition Software drives every US Radar system. Users can easily navigate the crisp display and user-friendly interface to find and identify targets of all material compositions.

Beyond locating targets, Acquisition software can also help you fine-tune your data for more visibility. Users can choose a variety of vibrant color palettes and elect to automatically apply gain as required. This data can be displayed in real-time as well as saved and post-processed for future use.

What GPR Systems Use This Software?

Acquisition Software is included with every US Radar system. The software is installed and ready to go with every purchase. Depending on your specific needs, you can also incorporate a variety of optional upgrades later on.

Is Acquisition Software Difficult to Learn?

Our Acquisition Software is specifically designed to be easy to learn. With some brief, low-intensity training, anyone on the jobsite can learn how to use it to generate valuable results within a day.

Basic Acquisition Software Features

Using a unique averaging removal algorithm, the antenna and software recognize prevailing soil conditions and calibrate the images for optimum data collection.

The only software/hardware iteration that recognizes the duration of the pulse and applies gain accordingly. The deeper the target, the higher the gain – automatically.

Similar to focusing a camera, the operator can increase or decrease gain on a specific depth range. Target identification and layer tracing are much easier for hard-to-locate targets.

Pinpoint a target’s precise location. When a feature is spotted in the data, simply move backward until the indicator is centered on the target.

Simply tap the screen on an image of interest and the distance from the beginning of your pass and the depth will be displayed (X and Z coordinates). This feature works both in real time and when replaying data.

Store full-screen images for reports, sharing with others, and printing. One tap of the touch screen “Snapshot” function and the image is saved.

Full scans are stored for later analysis and review.

Used to measure the distance between two targets.

Features can be identified and highlighted for report building purposes. Position can then be exported to a spreadsheet with either relative positions of latitudes and longitudes.

Advanced Acquisition Software Features

Acquisition Software also has a suite of advanced settings that users can implement for applications like geophysics that require greater filtering and data processing. These features are designed to help the user fine-tune data for more precise analysis.

Advanced Features Include: 

The depth scale can be calibrated based on targets at known depths.

The operator can enter their own values for dielectric constant.

The operator may enter their own values for attenuation in dB/m.

When entering dielectric constant and attenuation,  the signal loss is calculated automatically.

Operator may enter advanced filtering algorithms, such as low pass and high pass FIR filters, remove DC, peak envelope, and more.

Have Questions About Our Acquisition Software?

Do you want to ask one of our team members about our software? Contact us today and speak with a GPR system expert to have your questions answered.