GPR Software

Core GPR Software


The Acquisition Software is the core of what each US Radar system uses to collect and process raw data into an easy-to-understand format.

The Acquisition Software enables the operator to quickly and easily locate a multitude of varying targets beneath the surface. After powering up your system and auto-calibrating the antenna to the surrounding soil, the software will begin displaying your findings in real time while also recording them. From here, you can share, save, or image the data you’ve collected for future.

US Radar Acquisition Software

Our GPR Software is easy to use out of the box and perfect for on-the-go locators. Each time you create a file, our software automatically calibrates antenna and processing settings to the materials being scanned.

autoconfigure GPRautoconfigure GPR


US Radar’s software automatically sets antenna system parameters to adjust to soil conditions.

Time varying gainTime varying gain

Time-Varying Gain and Manual Configuration

Enhance image at a particular depth of interest using time-varying gain. Apply various filters to manually configure gain settings.

color palette optionscolor palette options

Color Palettes

Choose from an array of helpful color palettes, alter gain (contrast) and zoom to view the data in different ways and gain important insights!

markout and measure GPR datamarkout and measure GPR data

Markout and Measure Data

Mark and label points in radar data to describe what you’ve found. Measure the distance between two points to create even more context.

Automatic Report Generation & File Export

Export radar data and automatically generate reports in a number of different formats.

Optional Google Earth/Satellite Imaging Software Integration

Overlay radar data on satellite imaging to create reliable utility maps and see data within relevant environmental context. Add descriptions to specific coordinates to annotate radar and map data.

utility mapping software for GPRutility mapping software for GPR

Optional Mapping Software

Can be used to create as-built drawings in the field or in the office. Exports into many formats including .kmz (Google Earth), .dxf (AutoCAD), and .shp (ArcGIS).

Optional 3D Imaging and Modeling

Generate depth slice overlays, isosurface models

Optional 3rd Party Software

Our data can also be processed in several third party software packages to best fit your specific needs.

Optional GPR Software


Fully customize your GPR search experience with an advanced post-processing system.


GPS compatibility module incorporating an external GPS receiver. Works with any GPS unit with external data output, from handheld to GIS units and RTK rovers. The GPS/GIS mapping module enables the operator to generate a point file which can then be exported into any popular mapping software.


Generate depth slice overlays, point clouds, & isosurface models.


Process your data in several third-party software packages. Use your data the way you need to. GPR is not a one-size-fits-all type of product. For this reason, in addition to our own software, our data can also be processed in several third party software packages.


GPR Software Packages

  • All Q Series Systems start at Basic package.
  • All Quantum Imagers come with Premium package.
  • All GPRovers include the Premium package as well as GPS Mapping.
  • Premium packages contain Basic features.
  • Complete packages contain Basic and Premium features.
  • Real-time Locate/Markout
  • Color palettes
  • Flat Gain
  • Adjustable Gain Profile
  • Layer filter (Remove Average)
  • Ground Truth
  • Built-in Help SystemYour Content Goes Here

Data Saving & Exporting

  • Save Seg2 .rad files
  • Save Screenshots
  • Convert Surveys into .PNG files
  • Export Seg-Y (.SGY) and Seismic Unix (.SU) files


  • Depth Calibration
  • Inverse/Measure distance between two points
  • Data transfer program streamlines backing data up on USB
  • Auto configure routine for each antenna type
  • Depth Range Changing

Expert Mode

  • Enable Custom Settings for specialized applications
  • Use custom data triggers such as timer mode or GPS trigger
    (with advanced GPS license)
  • Custom depth ranges/sampling intervals
  • Advanced Data Processing
  • Enable various filters and algorithms

Basic GPS

  • Use internal GPS to log coordinates-if fitted on system

Annotation & Report Generation

  • Create symbols with coordinates on points of interest
  • Export spreadsheet of points
  • Export Word file report of points with data images

Advanced GPS (requires basic GPS and annotation)

  • Use high accuracy submeter and subcentimeter external GPS units to log coordinates

Basic 3D

  • Record 3D Area Scans
  • View 3D Area scans as Depth Slices

Advanced 3D

  • View 3D Area Scans in 3D Viewer
  • Export point clouds to third party programs such as Voxler

Google Earth (requires a GPS module)

  • View radar pass paths on Google Earth
  • View points selected from radar data on Google Earth
  • View peak maps on Google Earth (requires basic 3D)
  • View depth slices on Google Earth (requires basic 3D)
  • View Google Earth and radar data in real time split-screen to see scan history and as-builts

Learn More About Our GPR Software

Looking for more information on the right GPR software solution for your needs? Contact us and one of our team members will help you identify the software solutions that will best suit your specific needs.