Structural Assessment Applications for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR for structural assessment

Structural assessment projects of all kinds call for a wide variety of GPR frequency ranges to assess damage and integrity at different resolutions. For example, you need lower frequency signals to reach lower depths and higher frequencies for higher resolution.

To ensure you collect the most accurate structural assessment data, utilizing a combination of frequencies is preferred. This will grant you greater resolution and depth detail. One frequency provides one set of data, two frequencies return two datasets, and so on. Using a multi-frequency subsurface imaging system allows you to analyze your findings with increased perspective.

Concrete Scanning

Contractors often use high frequencies (about 2000 MHz) to scan concrete surfaces for higher-resolution scans. Concrete scanners typically do not go deeper than the initial layer of concrete. This crease a challenge for those who need greater depth penetration capabilities for accurate data collection.

To work around this common challenge, we have developed the only true dual-frequency concrete scanner on the market. Using our multi-frequency system results in high-resolution scans with the added benefit of greater scan depths, which allows you to see beyond the initial concrete layer. This means that your structural assessment data is more comprehensive, accurate, and can allow you to identify issues that most other contractors cannot.

concrete scanner depth chart

Bridge Deck Analysis

Ground penetrating rader is the fastest non-destructive solution for inspecting and analyzing bridge decks. It is a useful tool to assess various types of damage that will need remediation.

Concrete degradation can be spotted with GPR scans. These findings can be refined and confirmed with additional analysis, such as testing chloride and ion concentrations and extracting core samples. Without GPR, engineers often don’t know where to start coring or cutting in the first place! GPR visualizes the deterioration of these points in contrast with materially intact rebar. Beyond percussive sounding and chain drag, GPR can be used to assess specific areas of the structure that require attention and to scope out the replacement of rebar and concrete properly.

To deliver more accurate bridge deck data, our  GPRover and Quantum Imager systems come equipped with our signature triple-frequency antenna capabilities; exclusive to US Radar. This allows the operator to collect three sets of data at varying depths and resolutions for more accurate imaging, cross-analysis of multiple datasets, and the ability to make more informed decisions.

Regarding Structural Assessment, GPR Can Help You Locate:

  • Reinforcing
  • Cracking
  • Voids
  • Concrete sparling
  • Slab or wall thickness
  • Asphalt layer thickness


Improve Structural Assessment and Bridge Deck Analysis Capabilities Today With US Radar’s Ground Penetrating Radar Technology.

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