Other Uses for Ground Penetrating Radar

What GPR is used for

Since our founding, US Radar systems have aided a wide variety of professionals across a broad spectrum of uses and applications. Our products make imaging the subsurface a simple and intuitive task. These are some highly specialized ways that trained professionals can also use our products.

Humanitarian GPR Uses

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) can serve a wide range of humanitarian uses. Primarily, this concerns locating objects like unexploded ordnance (UXO), unexploded bombs (UXBs), and explosive remnants of war (ERWs). GPR gives these locators an edge due to the technology’s ability to noninvasively penetrate the soil surface.

It should be noted, however, GPR is not a safe detection method for passing over any buried explosives with an active trigger. The radar system makes direct content with the soil and requires a human operator to move it.

Agricultural GPR Uses

GPR provides multiple benefits to the agriculture sector. Farmers and other professionals in the field benefit from using a GPR system and geophysical techniques to image the subsurface without spending time digging and potentially re-planting disturbed crops.

Some ways GPR can be used in agriculture are, but not limited to:

  • Underground sprinkler system management
  • Analyze soil conditions
  • Find buried objects, animal dens, and other potential hazards to healthy crop growth

GPR for Snow and Frost Analysis

GPR can serve a variety of needs for analyzing a body of ice. Regarding snow and frost, ground penetrating radar can be used to:

  • Analyze ice thickness and prevent fall-throughs
  • Locate a buried object or person
  • Evaluate snow density and other conditions
GPR frost analysis Antarctica

GPR for Mining and Quarrying

GPR has many beneficial applications for mining and quarrying. A system operator can use a GPR system in this environment to:

  • Analyze minerals
  • Identify mine/tunnel hazards
  • Mapping mines and quarries
  • Determining rock quality

For mining and quarrying, we recommend our 100 Series system. This is our most powerful GPR unit and a versatile system that can reach advanced depths of 100+ ft.

Does GPR Sound Like the Right System for You?

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