Is it Time to Bring GPR in House?

gpr in house

GPR in house becomes an attractive option for many of our customers who switch over from renting systems or hiring a third-party service provider. If you are wondering if this solution is the right choice for your operations, consider the following questions.

Do You Use GPR Frequently? 

You may want to bring GPR in house depending on how frequently you use the technology. Do you find yourself renting a system or contracting a service provider on a regular basis? If so, it may benefit you in the long run to implement the technology as part of your own equipment arsenal. 

All of our most popular systems like the Q5 and Quantum Imager are designed for easy transportation. The cart configuration folds and can be stored in a vehicle the size of a small hatchback. 

Receiving Proper Training 

For all of our customers, we offer entry level and advanced training courses designed to equip you with the means to generate the most ROI from your investment. Due to the nature of renting equipment and hiring third-party service providers, you will often not have the means to access similar training through these alternatives. Without proficiency in the technology, how do you know you are getting what you actually want out of it? 

Many of our customers who receive training report that they become skilled users in a very short time. Though GPR is a nuanced and innovative technology, we designed our products with the user in mind. Our GPR software is easy to understand and navigate, allowing you to use the system as soon as you arrive at the job site. 

In House Control Over Your Data 

Do you rely on GPR data on a regular basis for jobsite safety and efficiency? If so, it would make sense to bring a solution in house to give you ultimate control over the data that you collect. With rental and contracted services, your long-term access to data for your project sites may be limited. When the data is in your hands, you decide how to store, share, and process it. 

To help you further process your data, we developed Radar Studio to allow users to create GPS-integrated maps, image findings in 3D, create point files, and more. 

Weathering the Field

Depending on your profession, you may encounter a variety of field conditions on a day-to-day basis. Not every GPR system is designed for the same effectiveness across multiple environments. 

Bringing a GPR in house allows you to select the system best suited to your specific needs while in the field. For those looking for a system capable of imaging data in the most difficult soil conditions or a wide variety of them, we would recommend the Quantum Imager or GPRover – these feature the first true triple-frequency antenna on the market with the ability collect data at low, middle, and high frequency ranges simultaneously. 

Want to Bring GPR in House Today? Let us Help 

For over 20 years, US Radar has innovated ground penetrating radar technology to provide professionals in the field with the means to image the subsurface, prevent damage, and produce results more clearly and accurately than any other locating technology on the market. With a global network of trained representatives, we help countless others put their systems to work to generate immediate returns on investment. 

Looking to add GPR to your in house arsenal of solutions? Contact us and let us know how we can help you.