Ground Penetrating Radar Cost

Ground penetrating Radar cost

How Much Does a GPR System Cost?

Ground penetrating radar cost usually starts around $14,000 USD for a simple, single-frequency GPR system. The most affordable systems include a cart, tablet controller, battery, and basic Acquisition Software. This is everything needed to begin basic utility locating and other applications.

More advanced systems that include features like multi-frequency antennas will exceed the basic cost of a GPR system. Customers can also choose to add other optional features to their systems like GPS integration, advanced post-processing software and more.

Because GPR is a versatile technology, it suits a wide variety of applications. Depending on the configuration that best fits your needs, the cost may vary. Oftentimes, users elect to incorporate software upgrades and additional accessories either immediately or down the line for additional costs. However, these systems quickly generate return on investment and training for them is affordable and time-efficient.

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